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FAQ’s & SAQ’s

Many dream about designing and building the perfect home for their family. They may have many questions that need answered before making such a huge investment. What information do you need to consider in hiring a home designer?

Besides the most frequently asked questions, there are should ask questions that we invite you to examine. These should ask questions may prove to be invaluable your custom home design project.

By taking the time and giving these FAQ’s & SAQ’s consideration, your custom dream home can become a reality.

Custom Home Design Alert

We invite you to learn about the 5 Misconceptions about the Design Profession. With over 30 years’ experience in the design industry I have observed that there has been much confusion and many misconceptions about the design profession. Ending these misconceptions and turning confusion into education has lead me to providing you, the consumer, with this necessary information.

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Designer

Includes a Bonus Question

These questions are for those interested in making an educated decision when choosing a design professional.  Throughout I will refer mainly to residential design, but the principals apply to commercial projects and accessory structures as well.

These 8 questions are being provided to help you in interviewing and selecting a design professional.