Meet Our Team

Our Design Team

Elvin began Western Design early in 1990 as a one-man operation, providing quality custom home design plans in Central Oregon. You can learn more about Elvin’s history by reading his story here. It wasn’t long before his one-man operation grew to the firm it is today.

As principle designer, Elvin is responsible for the core design of every home and renovation that leaves our office. Elvin works closely with his team of designers to develop and execute your design from concept to completion.

Elvin & our team believe that timeless, enduring architectural design enriches not only the lives of the people that live in the home but also enriches the land and surroundings. Fusing family, lifestyle, land, and community with inspired architecture.

We take to heart words and phrases like, “Timeless”, “Architectural Integrity and Permanence”, “Cohesive with Nature”, and “Authenticity”. These are essential ingredients, that when blended correctly, create homes that truly stand out from the rest.


Although primarily responsible for managing the office, filing and accounting work, Sandy is no stranger to the construction industry. From a very young age she helped her father in his contractor’s business in California.

One of her first memories of this was when she was about 7 they had built a home in Soquel California, she assisted with sight clean up and painting, as she got older she was trained to assist in other areas as well such as framing, plumbing, electrical, concrete work, door and trim installs, working with the local building and planning departments, supplies purchasing and other aspects of construction along with her favorite area painting.

Sandy has also assisted in the early stages of preliminary design, and is furthering her skills in the drafting of construction drawings.

Sandy enjoys spending time with family, traveling and learning about her family history. Through her genealogical research, she has not only traced her family lineage back 7 generations, she has also had the opportunity to meet several distant relatives.


Jonathan began assisting as an intern in 2008 and received special training in 3D design. Since that time, Jonathan has not only excelled in the 3D design of your home, but he is also excelling in developing the technical drawings. Jonathan also assist in the video and photography of our projects.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys hanging out with friends and family, creating 3D computer machines, and watching Sci-Fi shows.


Anthony began as an intern in 2008 and received training in 3D design and drafting. Anthony assist in the creation, and updating of construction details, along with assisting on remodel design and the input of as-built drawings. Anthony also assist in project photography, updating of building code notes, and printing and assembling construction documents.

In Anthony’s spare time he enjoys hiking and watching Sci-Fi movies.